About Me

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Who is Julian?

I’m Julian, an animal lover and tech addict from New York!

I started the path towards software on a very different road. In high school I decided I wanted to pursue a career in business, thinking it’s the best way to reach personal freedom. When I started to make my own pet sitting business, I realized a business without a website basically doesn’t exist -- so I created my own, and I was hooked.

I spent the next few years teaching myself HTML, CSS, Programming, and JavaScript in-depth, and enrolled in Farmingdale State College for the Computer Programming major, expecting graduation at the end of Spring 2021. I regularly help teach the other students web development concepts and lead groups into doing hackathon projects.

At present, I’m working as a full-stack web development instructor for Nucamp Coding Bootcamp while finishing my final semester. There are few feelings as good as helping others to understand something truly helpful.

Outside of work and school, you’ll probably find me snuggling with my cat Simba or my long-time girlfriend Valeria.