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I’ve been diving deep into web technologies for the past half a decade since I made my first site. Since then, I have created optimized, efficient, and unique websites for all kinds of folks using all kinds of tools.

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But what do you even do, Julian?

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Design + Prototyping

Design + Prototyping Before writing a single line of code, it’s imperative to have plans set in place to know what to do. For websites, these plans consist of sitemaps, wiremaps, mockups, and prototypes.

Copywriting is a part of the process too, since websites need to inform visitors.

For design, I often sketch layouts on a page, mock them up in Figma, and send them to the client for feedback.

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Coding + Development

Once all the design work has been completed, coding can be an easy task. It’s also important to code websites in a way that is efficient, mobile-friendly, and fast.

For coding, I first markup the layout and content for each page using HTML. Pages are styled using CSS, and interactivity is made possible using JavaScript.

I use HTML, CSS, JS, React, NodeJS, PHP, Wordpress, etc.

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Mentoring + Teaching

"Docendo discimus" — The best way to learn is to teach. I find great pleasure in helping others find answers to their questions, especially with code. It’s what most motivates me to learn.

I currently teach students at Nucamp Web Development Bootcamp, where I enjoy over a 4.9/5 rating and do my best to inspire my pupils, and learn things from them.

Ask me questions on Twitter about web development!

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What projects have you worked on?

Glad you asked! Have a look through some of my pieces.

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Visionary CEO

This site was made for Lance Smith, CEO of National Property Rescue who wished to have a site to feature his expertise as a Real Estate Investor and his presence on Social Media platforms.

All functionality made from scratch with HTML, SCSS, JavaScript and PHP.

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Corona Times

A project for Stony Brook University’s CEWIT Hackathon during February 2020.

I created the backend API that serves live data scraped from reporting sites using PHP, and the front end and map with React. The whole project took about 24 hours in one sitting.

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Pax Paws thumbnail

Pax Paws

Website for a local pet sitting company. Features a video of the client working with the pet she has been taking care of. Continues to generate qualified leads.

Site made from scratch designed with Figma and coded with HTML, CSS, JavaScript and hosted on Netlify.

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Safe Distance

Winning project for the Hack-HR Hackathon during April 2020. Proof of concept for a system which tracks the number of people in a set geofenced area and helps prevent from exceeding a certain amount to aid in Social Distancing.

I created the front end application frontend using React.

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Location - Nassau County, NY

I'm currently based on Long Island in the great New York State. I wouldn't mind leaving though.

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